PCSC – Acceptable Range Targets

Below are a few photos of what we are seeing on the various ranges.  Examples of intentionally aiming at target bases, [or having no idea how to shoot or sight in a rifle], and non acceptable targets.  Please take a look at these photos so you understand what our members or their guests are doing.  Keep in mind, we are about to spend over $300 for steel base repair as a direct result of bullets hitting our stands/target bases.

Example of four bases found on the 100 yd range.

Target found in the storage room on the 100 yd range.  Targets of this size are not allowed on the 100 yd range.  There were holes in the target from 12 ga slugs, so appears the hunters are getting ready for turkey season.  Note our member or guest had to add extra cardboard.  The target stands are designed for a specific size of cardboard and nothing else.

Target found in the storage room on the 100 yd range.

Another example of a member or guest using oversized targets.  If you need more space set up two targets.  Again, additional cardboard was added.

If the two cardboard targets were placed any place other than at the base of the 100yd end berm, we could have ricochets off the ground.


If you see any member or guest using non approved targets, please take a minute and explain the rules.  If you do not know the rules, they are posted at every range.

If the rules are not followed, you may loose your membership.

Thanks for keeping the ranges safe, and following the rules.